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[AB] Designs is a graphic design and branding firm that provides incomparable design and marketing solutions to a discerning clientele of varying industries (both locally and internationally).


We aren’t just designers. We are communicators. We are problem-solvers. We are your solution. We accept the perpetual challenge of improving our clients’ image. We increase their brand’s awareness. We inform. We inspire. We engage.

In 2012, creative prodigy, Akiya Brewley, launched her namesake design firm, [AB] Designs: a leading graphic design firm in the Virgin Islands today.


For nearly a decade, Akiya Brewley has changed they way consumers view and interact with brands. Through compelling, bespoke design solutions, Brewley’s creations are known to ignite strong emotional responses, increase brand awareness, and catalyze lasting consumer engagement. Her innate creative prowess is further enriched by a first class education from the prestigious Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where she acquired a Bachelor’s of Science in Graphic Design in 2010.


“[AB] Designs is born from rich industry insights and a deep understanding of graphic design best practices. Our custom designs enhance how consumers perceive and interact with our clients’ brands. The end result is an enhanced customer journey that seamlessly extends each brand’s narrative.”

- Akiya Brewley, President

As a boutique design firm, our size affords us the luxury of having personal relationships with each of our clients. At [AB] Designs, we liken our client relationships to that of comrades. We work closely together to execute every request, enveloped in an exceptional experience that is synonymous with the [AB] Designs brand.

To learn more about [AB] Designs Ltd, please contact us by clicking here or by calling us at 1(284) 442-5580.



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