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  • Akiya Brewley

And then... our blog was born. Say hi to our baby “Product of Designs”

After months of contemplating...

“Will I have time?”

“Will I have content?”

“Will it be interesting?”

“Will our readers be intrigued?!”


It was nerve racking but, we were anxious!

“The Birth”

After doing tons of research on blogs, late night reading and googling stuff like... “successful blogging” and “great blog content” we got to the point where we felt “WE ARE READY!” And we must admit that all the #newyear - #newdecade posts also made us very hyped and excited to embrace this not so new.. but new to us, idea. Therefore, we came to the point of no return.

No boxes allowed!

Product of Design, is a creative space designed to welcome you, YES, welcome you into our world. WE ❤️ DESIGN!

If we had a dollar for each time we are asked by clients, acquaintances or friends, “how you do this?” or “do you ever run out of patience?” we would be rich! Lol.

Statements like these feed our desire to share our craft with the world. We thrive to:

  1. Educate on the importance of professional design.

  2. Guide our existing and potential clients when making executive design decisions.

  3. Share what drives our designers, as it pertains to their thought processes, inspirations and motivations.

  4. Express our client-designer relationships and experiences.

There are so much FUN to experience in the world of Graphic Design & Illustration and this year, we want to take you along for the ride!!

Log on! Subscribe! and Stay tuned!!!

Signed and sealed

The Creatives of [AB] Designs Ltd.

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