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Conversations with the Creative

We've had the opportunity to pick the mind of our creative director Akiya Brewley as she chats briefly with a first time business owner who had some questions about branding.

Utilize these branding tips, recommendations and advice to successfully brand or rebrand your business.


Question 1

what is the most important thing to know about branding my business. What are your top 3 recommendations?

My top most important recommendations when branding your business are:

  1. Simplicity - simplicity is so important in a logo design; you want to make sure your logo is transferable to any media of print or digital application. It should not only be legible in two or one color formats but also as very small print, even if your logo uses imagery. Keep it simple and use absolutely NO photographs.

  2. Setting the tone - Spend a lot of time in the details. The details are what make up the personality of your branding, it’s what is going to set the tone for your clients. Think about fonts and colors, images or emblems; all these little details make your brand.

  3. Do your research and think hard and long about your name! Be mindful of long names, and letter combinations like T&F... they tend to be hard to remember. Shorter names can be more catchy and memorable, also names pertaining directly to the product or service your business provides And if you want to use a 'name' it is better spelt out in full.


Question 2

When deciding whether to design my own assets in-house vs hiring an agency/freelancer, what should I consider? How do I determine which is the right choice?

The most important thing to consider is the importance of the project you’re working on and want to put out. Agencies/freelancers have a professional advantage, to cater designs based specifically to your target audience and demographics, which is proven to yield more return.


Question 3

Branding and design can be incredibly overwhelming. What role should branding/design play in the growth of my business? What should it do?

Growing your business through marketing and advertising, professional branding is the foundation, where you have all the tools for consistent presence. That’s all it takes; consistency and aiming it at the right demographic. Make people remember you so they always recommend you.

Some tips:

  • Brand everything as much as you can; uniforms, vehicles, etc.

  • Use your company colours in all your promotions and marketing.

  • Make your promotions very clear about what your service or product is.


Question 4

Do I need to consider MG target audience when scoping my brand identity? Does colors, shapes, etc create a language that speaks to my end audience? Or is that up to my personal taste?

Yes, yes and No.

I like the way the question was asked because it is much like having a verbal conversation where as the same thing can be said in different tones and mean something completely different.

Designing based on your target audience is very important, it pretty much determines what kind of clients you will attract. As I mentioned before about setting the tone, it’s the same thing. Pretty much helping clients feel like they're in the right place before even getting there.

So when it comes to developing your brand identity I don't recommend relying on your own personal taste it has to be catered to you clients.


Question 5

What is the single best advice that you can give to a girl boss who wants to elevate her brand identity BUT isn’t sure where/how to start?

The word elevate is a good one, I love to think about growth and imagine the possibilities of my own brand!

When thinking about elevation many people get caught and overwhelmed thinking about what to do and what direction to take. For me, its easier to find a starting point when you forget about the NOW and think about the future first; think about things like where you want to take your business and where you see your business in 5-10-15 years.

Write down your goals and do research, find akin business that are where you want to be, take tips and make a plan. Have a step by step structure moving forward.


Think international!


BONUS Questions

What is your #1 tip/branding must-have for businesses that’s are trying to re-emerge from COVID-19 stronger? How can we leverage branding/design to maximize visibility [+ subsequent growth]?

My number one tip for businesses emerging fro COVID-19 would be to make your marketing interactive, engage with your clients and be present. Make them feel and know that your first priority is still serving them.

As for #1 must-have, I would definitely say, a strong logo design. In the world of digital, we are scrolling and seeing so may different things within a second, have good branding and utilize it! So that your business and what you offer is plastered in peoples minds.


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Signed and sealed

Akiya Brewley - Creative Director, [AB] Design Ltd.


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