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  • Akiya Brewley

Little Boy BLUE

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

…or should we say NOT SO Little Boy BLUE! Oh you haven’t heard? Blue was awarded the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year! But wait, let’s put some respect on that name, not just any blue... Classic Blue, “A shade reminiscent of the sky at dusk” according to CNNStyle.

Though standing as one of the three primary colours, blue is often left behind, which is strange because he’s the only “cool” colour among the three of them. (Pun Intended) 😁 However we’re about to get a case of the Blues for 2020, ironically the personality of the color Classic Blue is the exact opposite of the bad rep that that phrase gives it.

Let’s meet Classic Blue, shall we?

In color theory we’ve learnt that blue invokes tranquility and calmness, piety and sincerity. It symbolizes: trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith and truth. So what’s not to love about classic blue… just a couple things:

  1. Blue hides away - if you’re looking for a colour to make your design big and bold, blue definitely isn’t the colour for you. As a cool colour it tends to unintentionally fall into the background and can get lost in your design.

  2. Using Blue fonts and text in headers may result in lost of hierarchy - Blue subconsciously comes off as subtle to most, mentally, when using blue for your text, it may be harder to make your main headings stand out.

  3. When designing be mindful not to overload it with the color blue. The overuse of blue (in attempt to make it stand out more) may drown your design and invoke melancholy or sad emotions.

Designer tips:

  1. Utilize effects such as reflections or shadows when working with blue text.

  2. Accompany designs with complimentary colours. 🧡💛

  3. Less is more when feeling blue, try using it as an accent colour just to compliment your design.

Get ready for the wave of blue that’s not just going to take over graphic design but will also be very evident in apparel, architecture, home goods, jewelry and even cuisine.

Wishing you a good case of the blues!

Signed and sealed

The creatives of [AB] Designs Ltd

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