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  • Akiya Brewley

Whats Trending in the Graphic Design World-2021?!

It’s out with the old and in with the new get on board with these 2021 graphic design trends that are sure to dominate designs.

Let’s face it, the world had changed tremendously within the last couple years and with it we’re experiencing brands forced to do a lot more with less. But not only are businesses thinking about themselves, they’re also considering how they can appeal to their clients as the world becomes more and more chaotic. Designers are utilizing old staples that invoke calmness, understand and positivity.


Whats trending in 2021 you ask?! Here’s some of the biggest design trends:

1. Muted Colour Palettes Muted colours are described as colours that have lower saturation (light or dark). They evoke safety and security and often can give off a natural and organic feel.

2. Geometric Shapes Everywhere It’s not longer about flowing designs or abstract shapes. More than ever they are being replaced with patterns and geometrical shapes that are rigid and hard-edged which are a great contrast against muted colors.

3. Simplified Data Visuals The main goal of any data visualizations is the make information easy to understand, especially now that a lot of data is being circulated simple visuals using graphs and infographics make communication even more effective.

4. 2D [Flat] Icons and Illustrations In line with simplified visuals, flat icons and illustrations are now becoming widely popular for social media advertising and even web designs. People are becoming more visual as more information is being conveyed digitally. Icons are great tools for communication and are able to say what you need to convey in less space than words. Illustrations are much more interesting and popular than stock photos and can be customized to suit your brand. Our final mention is:

5. [Good Old] Classic Serif Fonts Serif fonts date back to the 15th century making them the oldest font style still in use, this is why they are deemed “classic”. They have characteristics such as elegance and trust and evoke feelings of nostalgia.

I think it’s safe to say that though trends are shifting, especially to become more budget friendly for businesses when considering marketing and promotions. They are not widely different from what we’ve seen before, minimalism and simplicity are definitely making a comeback this year.

If youre having trouble transitioning into the new [old] trends [AB[ Designs Ltd is here to help. Let’s discuss the necessary changes needed for your business to not only cut back on design cost but also to keep the attention of existing clients and draw in new ones.

Contact us today here for any design inquiries.

Get to Trending!

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